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Tested, proven and certified to international standards 

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Hempafire Optima 500

Hempafire Optima 500 has high DFTs per coat without sagging, with hold-ups per coat of up to 900 µm. Protection is achieved in fewer coats, helping reduce labour costs in on-site applications. Optimised balance of drying times at coats of 500 µm maximises film build up in short times.

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Hempafire Pro 400 Fast Dry

Hempafire Pro 400 Fast Dry is single component, solvent-borne, intumescent coatings for passive fire protection of structural steel against cellulosic fires. They are suitable for on-site and off-site applications.


Hempathane HS

Hempathane topcoats and finishing coats are designed for steel protection in severely corrosive atmospheric conditions and chemically corrosive environments. They will remain in good condition for years with minimal maintenance, ensuring you benefit from a longer asset lifetime and efficient maintenance.

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