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Tank Lining

Chemical resistance lining is vital in many industries. It prevents corrosion and contamination, ensuring safety and longevity. Our experts can help you choose the right lining for your needs.

100% Solvent-Free Epoxy Coating/Lining

Applied to tanks, pipelines, and industrial equipment to prevent chemical corrosion. Solvent-free and environmentally friendly.

Superior chemical resistance and environmentally friendly due to its solvent-free composition.


High Temperature Vinyl Esther Lining

Ideal for chemical processing and industrial equipment, offering exceptional resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

Provides long-lasting protection against corrosion in aggressive environments.

Ceramic Novolac Glass Flake Coating

Highly effective due to exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis, and solvents. Offers robust protection against chemical corrosion.

Used in chemical processing facilities and storage tanks for long-lasting chemical resistance.


Polymer Concrete

Widely used for durable structures in harsh environments, including containment basins and industrial flooring.

Excellent resistance to chemicals, impact, and abrasion, with low maintenance requirements and longevity.

Woven Roving Reinforcement Lining

Enhances coating strength and durability, ideal for tanks, vessels, and pipelines in chemical and petrochemical industries.

Provides both chemical resistance and structural integrity.

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