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About Blome International

•40 years of providing corrosion-resistant industrial coatings and lining solutions

•Superior performance against extreme abrasion, high temperatures, harsh chemicals and other difficult elements that your equipment and facility   face.


  • Epoxys              

  • Novolac epoxys

  • Vinyl Esters

  • Polyurethanes

  • Furans

  • Primers 

  • Sealants 

  • Mortars

  • Grouts

  • Membranes

  • Brick

  • Tiles

  • Polymer Concretes

  • Wear Compounds


•NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)

•FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

•USDA (United States Department of Agriculture –National Organic Program)

•CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)


  • Vitrified Ceramic Tiling Systems 


Vitrified Ceramic Tiling Systems utilize precision industrial ceramic units with preformed spacer lugs and the most advanced chemical resistant, antimicrobial setting and grouting materials to achieve outstanding performance and unparalleled aesthetics for Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Process plant flooring. 

Vitrified Ceramic floors are non-absorbent, hygienic, safe, durable, and provide industry leading lifecycle economics. Vitrified ceramics can be applied using state-of the-art techniques that accelerate the installation process, giving critical time back to today’s quick paced construction schedules. 

Chemical Processing

Coatings and linings built to hold up against the harshest chemical attack and corrosion. 

Common applications: 

Process flooring, secondary containment, tanks, tank pads, pump pads, trenches and sumps

Food & Beverage

NSF-61 approved and FDA compliant linings. Innovative hygienic solutions to defend against corrosive sanitizers, antimicrobials and cleaning solutions. 

Common applications: 

Sanitary wall and flooring systems, tank liners, secondary containment

Hydrocarbon Processing

Coatings and linings with proven success on highly acidic chemistry and high-temperature environments such as crude oil storage tanks, sulfur pits, SRU vessels and more.

Common applications: 

Crude oil storage, finished product storage, process flooring, secondary containment, stack and ductwork, steel structures, concrete vessels, sulfur pits and SRUS, tanks and pump pads

Metals & Mining

Industrial coatings, linings and polymer concretes trusted to protect critical structures in the copper, zinc and precious metals industries.

Common applications: 

Acid plant equipment, acid trenches and sumps, leach tanks, SX/EW houses, process flooring, secondary containment


USDA, FDA & CFIA compliant that ensure safety, security and compliance in the most demanding Pharmaceutical and Biological environments.

Common applications: 

Sanitary wall systems, seamless flooring systems, tank interiors


Coatings and linings to extend the life of your coal-fired power plant and minimize recurring maintenance.

Common applications: 

Chimneys, stacks, ductwork, concrete sumps and trenches, FGD absorbers, FGD support tanks, clarifiers

Pulp & Paper

Protection for the water-intensive and chemical-relaint harsh atmospheres within a pulp and paper mill.

Common applications: 

Bleach plant equipment, recovery boilers, stacks, chimneys, secondary containment, flooring, tile tanks

Wastewater Treatment

Trusted coating solutions for covering wet wells, grit chambers, clarifiers, manhole risers, lift stations, chimneys, ductwork and more.

Common applications: 

Clarifiers, lift stations, manhole risers, tanks, wet wells

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