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Ultrasonic antifouling  keeps your hull, pipework or box-coolers clean with zero impact on the environment.


The working of ultrasonic marine growth prevention is very simple: any object, immersed in sea water, that vibrates in the ultrasonic frequency range, and with enough sound pressure, will not be fouled. Larvae of fouling organisms do not settle on objects in ultrasonic vibration. 

Shipsonic develops, tests and installs ultrasonic antifouling systems for commercial marine, offshore, fishery and industry. Our track record proves that our systems are highly effective. 

  • One time, simple installation 

  • Plug and play commissioning 

  • Dry installation; no dry docking needed 

  • Maintenance free 

  • Reduce fouling costs 

  • Less down time 

  • Environmentally friendly 



A system consists of a control unit with connections for 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8, 12, 16 or 20 transducers. 

All systems can be delivered functioning on 240 VAC or 24 VDC. Or auto-switching combinations of these. The systems for 12, 16 or 20 transducers can function on 240 VAC or 400 VAC. Systems for 1 or 2 transducers are also available on 12 VDC. All together we have 21 different models. 


Shipsonic or one of our agents will help you with the optimal configuration of your system. This configuration depends on the type and size of the object (sea-chest, box-cooler, bucket-strainer, hull, etc). We often place different transducer types on 1 object, to guarantee a wide spectrum of ultrasonic frequencies. 

Thus, control units and transducers are sold separately, according to individual system design. Our Power Circuit Boards (PCB’s) can also be supplied independently. 



Shipsonic offers 3 different types of transducer. 


This transducer is exeptionally small given its power and response frequency. That makes this model especially apt for installation on box-coolers, where installation space is often confined.

The 100Watt, 28kHz is our most used model. Very apt for installation on piping. 

A heavy hitter, 120 Watt! Very good for application on thick walls of sea-chests and hulls. 

Transducers are directly glued on the object, optimizing energy transfer. All models can also be used with an aluminium installation adaptor. The adaptor can be machined in the same curve as e.g. piping or a bucket strainer on which the transducer is to be installed. 


Shipsonic applications

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