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Our polyethylene lining technology produces corrosion-resistant pipes lined with low-density polyethylene resin materials originally developed by DHF.

For over a half century since this technology was first commercialized in 1961, we have delivered many products to be installed in various industrial fields and have thus earned a high level of trust from our customers. Alta Vista conducts three types of lining processes (“internal,” “external” and “internal & external”) in response to diverse customer needs.

Types Of Lining Process


Internal Polyethylene Lining



This lining process is used to provide internal corrosion resistance in piping systems used for the fluid transport of seawater, corrosive chemicals, community water supply, sewage, and many other industrial purposes.


External Polyethylene Lining

This process has been utilized for over 40 years as a long-term corrosion resistance solution for transport systems operating under severe conditions, such as an extremely cold climate, a desert region, or under the sea.



Internal / External Polyethylene Lining


These products are designed with the functions of internal corrosion resistance and external corrosion /weather resistance. The installed pipes have been used in buried or above-ground piping systems for long periods of service.

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